How to make your iPhone's battery last as long as your old Nokia

Currently my iPhone's battery is sitting at 5 percent. It's been on for more than 7.6 days and it could probably go for a few more hours.

How do I get my phone battery to last so long? I don't install useless shit on it.

When I got my first smart phone, a Google Nexus S, I installed a lot of apps on it and tried out all sorts of software. As time past and I've gone through different phones, I'm now an iPhone person, I've come to realise that most apps are a waste of time and on top of that a waste of battery life.

A while back I decided to clean up my phone and delete a bunch of social apps. The only apps I have installed on my phone now are IA Writer(I can't help myself), Evernote(I'm hoping they fix the things that frustrate me), Kindle, Twitter and Instagram. My next phone probably won't have Instagram installed.

By keeping the number of apps installed to a bare minimum, I not only save bandwidth and battery from apps constantly polling for updates but also save time as I'm not tempted to open an app just because it's installed on my phone.

If I really want to check Facebook or LinkedIn on my phone, I can do it via the browser.

It's that simple. Don't install a bunch of crap on your phone and don't use your phone for stuff you could be doing on your computer with a much better user experience.

Mobile is great but it's also intrusive. By restricting what you use your phone for you'll notice that you are more present as getting up to go sit at your computer requires a conscious decision to be made and sometimes some effort, this means you'll be more focused on the people you're with, when you're with them and more focused on your computer experiences when you're at your computer.

Just because your phone is smart, does not give you an excuse for being dumb or rude.

Credit to Laszlo Levente Mári for essentially coming up with the title for this post.